Marine grade stainless steel in mirror finish
An original artwork owned and commissioned by M+S for DUO

SYMMETRY is a mathematical sculpture that evokes the magic and infinite beauty in geometric tessellations. It pays homage to the rich legacy of the site – the historical Kampong Glam that is home to the Malay-Muslim culture in Singapore.

The spherical sculpture constructed from reflective stainless steel is inspired by the highly intricate and repetitive patterns found in Islamic art and architecture. SYMMETRY consists of two layers of spherical tilings where the outer layer is a polyhedron constructed from 150 hexagons and 12 pentagons while the inner layer is another polyhedron constructed from 320 triangles. Supporting struts between the two polyhedra connect all intersecting points to create a stunning multi-layered visual effect. In total, the sculpture is made up of 1,920 square hollow section members.

Situated in the retail zone of DUO, SYMMETRY resonates with the geometric patterning of the façade walls and dynamic concave forms of the architecture. Furthermore, the lighting design for the sculpture echoes the movement of time, creating a dynamic play of light and shadow in the space.

_DSC8038_EDIT.jpg _DSC7984_EDIT.jpg _DS28951_EDIT.jpg

Photography by Darren Soh