Marine grade stainless steel with PVD finish
An original artwork owned and commissioned by M+S for Marina One

Centred around forms and structures found in nature, PLANES is a site-specific arrangement of 18 suspended modules in bronze-toned stainless steel for the East Tower Lobby.

By referencing the acacia seed pods and crenulated corals, the hyperbolic shapes first had to be built using parametric modelling. The digital models were then printed and subsequently scaled up to the actual dimension. After which, master craftsmen at the foundry forged and finished the modules by hand, transforming sets of multiple small metal panels into single large undulating disks and spiral forms.

In resonance with Marina One’s architectural concept, the artwork heightens the intrinsic relationship shared between man and nature. Ultimately, PLANES is an expression of spontaneous growth and dynamism.

_DS21027_(1)_lowres.jpg _DS20990_(1)_lowres.jpg _DS22539_edited_by_DARREN_(1)_lowres.jpg _DS20974_(1)_lowres.jpg

Photography by Darren Soh