n. 332 - Bach, Mobius, and a Mad Tea-Party

n. 332 - Bach, Mobius, and a Mad Tea-Party
An original artwork commissioned for ALICE @ Mediapolis

Sited on a raised platform, viewers uncover the geometric form of the freestanding sculpture by following the sequence of 10 connecting squares, only to discover they end up back at the square they started. Unknowingly, the viewers have entered a space of endless loop.

Just as the symmetry in the musical score of J.S. Bach’s 5th Canon of Goldberg Variation leads back to the original state when repeated, and how the Hatter, the Hare, and the Dormouse are stuck circling around the tea table in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, these paradoxes correspond to the non-orientable surface of the Mobius strip that is single and infinite. Essentially, n. 332 is not a representation of this bewildering realm. Instead, its presence offers the viewers a reflexive “rabbit hole” to ponder on the notions of change, adventure and personal discovery.

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Photography by Darren Soh