Building as a Body

Building as a Body
Commissioned by Singapore Art Museum for The Singapore Show: Future Proof
In collaboration with Randy Chan, Zarch Collaboratives

Building as a Body was conceived out of the conversations between an architect and an inter-disciplinary practitioner to investigate the history, function, and presence of The Substation. Centred around the concept of a veil, The Substation is presented as a metaphor in the form of a body while the veil is articulated via the opposing and yet inter-connecting themes of concealing and revealing. The introduction of a veil composed from a matrix of dots and lines engages the building and its surrounding, inviting the visitors to take a curious look at this established institution which we must not forget.

Building as a Body was awarded the Design of the Year for President’s Design Awards 2012.


BuildingBody1.jpg BuildingAsBody2.jpg BuildingAsBody3.jpg BuildingAsBody4-600x900.jpg BuildingAsBody5.jpg BuildingAsBody6.jpg BuildingAsBody7.jpg BuildingAsBody8.jpg BuildingAsBody9.jpg BuildingAsBody10.jpg BuildingAsBody11-600x901.jpg

Photography by Jeremy San
Installation photography by kwodrent