In The Stillness

In The Stillness
Presented by The Substation at the Fukutake House / Setouchi Triennale 2013
Organised by Fukutake Foundation
Supported by National Arts Council Singapore, Shodoshima Town Office and
Fukuda Residents' Association

In The Stillness transforms a classroom at Fukuda Elementary School into a 'garden', turning the hard surfaces of chairs and desks into fertile grounds by enveloping them in sculptures made from 2 million polypropylene loop pins. Underscoring the banality and pragmatic design/function of the loop pin is a powerful expression of strength in multitude, united by a single and common element. By coming together, the loop pins become seeds connecting the communities of Singapore and Shodosima involved in the making of the artwork. As the polypropylene seeds germinate and the plants grow, a new landscape emerges, hinting at the voices and dreams of the people who came together to build the 'garden'.

Read Curatorial Essay ‘From Longing to Belonging - the changing local in a globalised world’ by Charmaine Toh.


ITS1.jpg ITS2.jpg ITS3.jpg ITS4.jpg ITS5.jpg ITS6.jpg ITS7.jpg ITS8.jpg ITS9.jpg ITS10.jpg ITS11A.jpg ITS12.jpg ITS13.jpg ITS14.jpg ITS15.jpg ITS16.jpg ITS17.jpg ITS18.jpg ITS19.jpg ITS20.jpg ITS21.jpg ITS22.jpg ITS23.jpg ITS24.jpg ITS25.jpg ITS26.jpg ITS27.jpg ITS28.jpg ITS29.jpg ITS30.jpg ITS31.jpg ITS32.jpg ITS33.jpg

Photography by Shingo Kanagawa

Work-in-progress images courtesy of Grace Tan and
Fukuda Residents’ Association / Shodoshima Town Office