Woven Field
Downtown Line Art in Transit Programme, DT12 Little India Station
Commissioned by Land Transport Authority

The soft curves of the architecture baffles in Little India Station set the backdrop for Woven Field, a landscape of tessellated triangular configurations inspired by the singhaulia woven patterns commonly seen in sari. The beauty of the sari cloth lies in its intricate and repetitive geometric patterns, shaped by the weaving of the lengthwise warp and widthwise weft yarns. In this aspect, the notion of weaving becomes a pivotal gesture that interlaces the architecture and artwork to form a single entity. The triangular motif forms the basic building block to generate complex motifs of diamond, butterfly, fish, and eight-petalled lotus designs while the faceted surface further evokes the gentle drapery of the sari cloth.

Woven FieldWoven FieldWoven FieldWoven FieldWoven FieldWoven FieldWoven Field

Photography by Darren Soh